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Advice for Landlords

The services we provide to property investors can start with assisting them consider whether a property purchase is right for them, so far as their investment preferences are concerned. We can advise on the holding structure which is most appropriate for them. This could be direct ownership, the use of a family trust or through a self-managed superannuation fund. We can advise on funding and help with applications and dealing with financiers. We can work with solicitors to ensure the contract for purchase is in line with intentions; that GST is properly addressed and documentation needed from the seller is provided.

Taxation Deductions and Concessions

Once the property is acquired, we can advise on the nature of taxation deductions and concessions which are available and how to obtain documentation to support some of the lesser known taxation concessions. We can advise on the records which need to be kept to keep the ATO happy and to ensure that all deductions are recorded.

Some properties are negatively geared, which means that income tax refunds will be available. We can help you understand what taxation refunds are applicable and then decide whether to receive these annually or make special application to get your tax benefit on a more regular basis.

If you are looking to sell, we can advise you how to minimise GST and other taxation implications.