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Supporting Legal Teams

Forensic accounting is defined by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia as the application of accounting knowledge and skills to issues arising in the context of civil and criminal litigations and investigations. Forensic accounting is also known as litigation support, dispute analysis, litigation services and expert witness services.

Assignments in this area are undertaken by Daniel Rands, who has a wide experience with a variety of matters over many years. This expertise comes from over thirty years of experience as an adviser to small business and an understanding of the legal process, supported by ongoing training provided by membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Forensic Accounting and Valuation Special Interest Groups

Daniel Rands has undertaken assessment of economic loss assignments, supporting the legal teams of both the plaintiff and insurer, in personal injuries matters and others including assessments under loss of profits insurance policies. He has conducted numerous Family Law investigations and valuations, supporting the legal teams representing husbands and wives, as well as numerous single expert assignments.

This experience extends from consultations with legal advisers through all facets of the legal process and includes appearances in the Supreme Court, the Federal Magistrates Court and Family Court as an expert witness. Evidence has been provided to the Court as a single witness and concurrently, or in the ‘hot tub’ as it is known by some.


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