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Selling a Business

Maximising Sale Value

When it comes time to sell planning and preparation can add to the sale price and can reduce the taxation and other costs associated with a business sale.

PKF can work with you to implement a process to make your business more saleable and more valuable to prospective purchasers. This is something which could occur at any stage in your ownership.

In conjunction with other professionals, we can help the marketing of the business and dealings with interested parties. We can present financial information for your sales agent, work with you to determine business value and asking prices as well as any applicable terms and conditions of the sale.

Planning and Documentation

The way that the sale proceeds are structured can have a significant impact on taxation which is applicable to the sale. Sometimes the vendor’s gain is the purchaser’s loss and sometimes structuring can help both parties.

Documenting the sale agreement is an important area once there is broad agreement on a sale. This is where we work with your commercial solicitor to ensure that the sale agreement not only reflects what has been agreed but also is designed to reduce your risk.

When the sale has been finalised, we can work with your licensed financial planner to maximise the benefit from the investment of the proceeds or help you consider your next purchase.