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COVID-19 Blog • 2020-05-21

JobKeeper – Three critical Fridays coming up

If you are enrolled in JobKeeper, or if you or someone you know is not enrolled but maybe should be, then the three coming Fridays are critical for you.


Friday 22 May. This is the last practical day for employees to be paid the minimum $1,500 for the current JobKeeper fortnight. If any employee was not paid at least $1,500 gross between 11 and 24 May, then the business is not eligible for the subsidy for that fortnight.

The deadline for April wage payments was extended to 8 May, but the Australian Taxation Office has not announced any extensions for this month. It is always best not to rely on any discretion that the Commissioner may be able to exercise.


Friday 29 May. This is the last day to register for JobKeeper if the business has turnover eligibility for the months of March, April or May 2020.

There remains uncertainty on the part of some business owners whether their business is eligible, particularly those which have not been going for twelve months and those without employees. If there are business owners you know who are unsure about their eligibility, they should email me at for an obligation free assessment.


Friday 5 June. The law requires that all enrolled businesses provide a monthly return within seven days of the end of the month. That would be Sunday 7 June, so the law allows until 8 June. Best to not rely on that and do it by Friday 5 June.

We will continue to send out the monthly claim document to all our registered clients. The Australian Taxation Office will not send out a claim forms and may or may not publish reminders.


Talk to me for any JobKeeper issues -


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