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COVID-19 Blog • 2020-07-30

Why an accountant should help with your tax return.

Qualified accountants can provide a range of benefits when dealing with tax. These include lodgement due date extensions, maximising your allowable tax claims, advice on completing your return, liaising with the ATO on your behalf and dealing with taxes applied to higher income earners.

Accountants are up to date with changes to laws and ATO procedures and can help you avoid or navigate problem areas

If you are doing your own tax return mistakes can be costly. The ATO publishes details of common mistakes and errors; to see what these common mistake and errors are click here.

The problem areas include failing to maximise allowable deductions, claiming non-deductible expenses, incorrect calculation of deductions for work, omitting capital gains and profits on crypto currency.

For help with your tax return from a qualified accountant, email and mention this article. We can prepare tax returns remotely and offer electronic signing of returns.

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